Industrial Technology Syllabus

Industrial Technology

Instructor Information:

Teacher: Mr. Foster

School Phone: 749-5437 extension 1143


Course Objectives:

  • Shop and tool safety.
  • Learn about the wood working equipment.
  • Learn about the different techniques of welding
  • Learn about layout, design, and cost of a project.
  • To provide a challenging yet comfortable environment in which to learn.
  • To provide students with challenges in the Industrial field, and acquire problem-solving techniques that they can put to use in the future.

Course Description:

This is a full year course designed to cover four areas of the industrial trades:  drafting, woodworking, and metals. Emphasis will be on learning the basic skills in each area.  These acquired skills will be needed and used in all of the advanced courses pertaining to these areas.  This course is also designed to allow students to explore job opportunities, experience industrial processes, and generate interest in career choice.  This is a hands-on learning class where the students will enjoy working in a shop setting.  Computer programs such as Corel Draw and SolidWorks, and the Universal Laser System will be introduced to this class as well.  A project fee will be required depending on the project.

Course Expectations:

  • Be on time.  When the bell rings you are in your seat and ready to work
  • Be courteous.  I do not put up with ill behavior.  Act accordingly.
  • Follow school rules.  All school policies explained in you handbook apply.  No gum, hats or anything else that takes away from our learning environment.
  • Be prepared.  Bring the needed materials with you.  I do not allow students to leave the classroom after the bell rings.  You take care of a restroom break on your time.
  • Be a positive influence.  Help each other out.
  • Raise you hand.  When you have something to say, raise your hand.  I do not tolerate talking during the hour.
  • You are in a room with very expensive equipment; treat it with respect at all times.  If you abuse this privilege you will not have the opportunity to use the tools and equipment in the future.


Your assignments will be given a point total and you quarter grade will be based on the total number of points you achieve on tests, quizzes, and daily work.

Grading Scale:

79%  –  77%     C+

100%  –  93%   A                                            76%  –  73%     C

92%  –  90%     A-                                          72%  –  70%     C-

89%  –  87%     B+                                          69%  –  67%     D+

86%  –  83%     B                                            66%  –  63%     D

82%  –  80%     B-                                          62%  –  60%     D-

Dishonesty Policy:

Students caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment/exam they are cheating on.  If it is determined that another student is enabling the cheating process, they also will be given a zero for that task.  If a student is caught cheating for a second time, parents will be contacted and you child will fail that marking period.


Mr. Foster, Industrial Technology,  Room T113-T114

We are aware of the course syllabus, objectives, expectations, and grading system.

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