Safety Pledge-Building Construction I

Building Construction I Mark A. Lehto-Instructor

Safety Pledge

1) I promise to follow all the safety rules for the shop.

2) I promise not to attempt to use power machines unless I have the teacher’s permission and passed the safety test.

3) I promise not to jeopardize the safety of a fellow student by carelessness, indifference to safety or indulging in horseplay.

4) I promise to report all accidents to the teacher immediately regardless of how minor they may be.

5) I promise to wear safety glasses or appropriate eye protection (Face Shield or Goggles) and the appropriate safety clothing and footwear when working in the shop or shop related areas.

6) I promise to use all air nailers properly and safely. I understand that any misuse of these tools could result in my expulsion from this class.

7) I promise to work as directed at the Habitat For Humanity job site, like an employee would working for a construction company.

8) I understand that failure to follow these rules and procedures could result in my expulsion from this class.

Please sign and return.

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